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New construction robots don’t demolish – they recycle


New construction robots erase buildings and recycleNew robots are popping up all over for use in several different industries. The construction industry is no stranger to using robotic technology for its construction and demolition processes, and is now using new robots to recycle old materials on site.  

(Picture source: www.bdcnetwork.com )

According to gizmag.com, an institute in Sweden has engineered new robot recycling with a demolition robot that uses a waterjet application to strip concrete from rebar and then recycle in on the spot. This new robot recycler, ERO, demolishes buildings by virtually erasing them, section by section.

In the past, demolition robots have relied on force as a means of knocking down buildings. These robots would use a jackhammer or shovel and the application of brute force to make buildings crumble. However, this method would result in a lengthy process of later separating the rebar and the concrete after the building was demolished.

Also, this method kicked up quite a bit of dust. Since this dust can be harmful to the human workers on these sites, the dust has to be suppressed by water hoses, using a lot of water during the process. By using new robot recyclers like ERO on job sites, the water can be put to good use and dust is kept to a minimum.

This new robot recycling system goes into a building site and uses high-pressured water jets to get into the cracks of a concrete wall, and the pressure causes the concrete to be pulverized and stripped out of the rebar, according to the article. The concrete is then removed by a vacuum system.

Not only does this new robotic recycler process and recycle the concrete and the water that it uses, it also makes the rebar suitable for reuse and recycling by stripping even the rust off during the demolition process.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of robotic systems from companies like FANUC, Motoman and KUKA, has several robotic models available, including those that work with construction. While RobotWorx does not have access to ERO, because it is currently still in the design phase, the company can work with the construction industry to automate their current processes.

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