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Optimize Profit from Scrap Metal

One by product of industrial manufacturing is scrap metal.  This can be a hidden gem as scrap metal profit is the result of recycling the metallic metals found within it such as copper and aluminium.  There are 2 categories of scrap metal, ferrous and non-ferrous.  Non-ferrous is any metal that does not contrain iron and is more valuable than picture of a welding robotferrous scrap metal.  
How to Profit From Scrap Metal
Scrap metal preparation is paramount in yielding a profit.  Metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis depending on the supply and demand.  Cleaning scrap metal is important and will increase the value of the metal.  All non-metallic elements such as plastic, wood, screws, etc, should be removed.  Also if it is possible the different types of metals in the scrap should be seperated.  This is important because some scrap metals are worth more than others.  The scrap should also be cleaned of any oil, grease, and grit before being recycled to a scrap yard.  Another way to ensure you will receive the highest profit possible is to test for non-ferrous metal by using a magnet.  Non-ferrous metal is not magentic since it does not contain iron.  
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