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Robot Trends – Firefighting Robots


firefighting robotsPicture source: www.wired.com

There are many bipedal robots in development in companies across the world. Some of them work with the military, some can dance and some are only in experimentation phases for the service industry. No matter where you look, mobile robots seem to be trending towards the bipedal humanoid robot.

One laboratory in Virginia actually built a bipedal robot that is autonomous and can fight fires, according to an article from robotics.org. The SAFFiR robot is being developed by the U.S. Navy’s Research Lab at Virginia Tech.

These researchers are designing robots that have speed, agility, strength and balance so they can walk and run as fluidly as humans and use that movement to get to one place or another to serve humans and their surroundings.

The SAFFiR robot is able to search out a fire. Once it has done that, it can operate fire extinguishers, fire hoses and even throw Propelled Extinguishing Agent Technology (PEAT) canisters onto a fire. The article stated that these robots are able to interact with humans and find fires. The naval engineers have also designed this robot with the ability to adapt to rapid changes in movement that can be brought on by rougher seas. One example of its exemplary movement control is how the robot can change its leg movement and stride to correct its path, depending on the ship’s movement.

Engineers are continuing to develop these bipedal robots as a means of fighting shipboard fires, which can be difficult, especially for humans.

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