Robot Use in Hospitals

/fanuc M-1iA Robot Used for SortingRobots used in hospitals are becoming one of the most useful applications of robotic technology.  Robots in hospitals help medical staff because they are precise and do not tire; in fact they are revolutionizing health care services.   From hospital pharmacies or surgeries to equipment robots, they are playing a major role in the medical field.

PUMA became the first known medical robot in 1985 when it was introduced.  This unit assisted in a brain biopsy and prostate surgery.  Today the more famous Da Vinci Surgical Robot is popular among prostate and heart surgeries.  During surgery the unit is remotely controlled by a surgeon who moves the robot arms while watching through an endoscopic camera.  This robot has become popular because it can perform complex operations while being less invasive.   Patients have reported less pain, blood, and a faster healing during recovery than normal surgeries.

Robots used in hospitals are also taking on pharmaceutical tasks because they require accuracy and timeliness.  Important roles they play in hospital pharmacies include sorting and delivering medicine.  The U.S. and Europe commonly use robots to deliver medications in chemotherapy.  Using robots to sort medications eliminates human calculations and errors which could be deadly.  The FANUC Spider Series carried by RobotWorx, is commonly used in the organization of medications.

RobotWorx also carries robots that are used in the manufacturing of medical equipmentRobotics plays an indirect role in health care by advancing medical equipment.  Examination tables are welded by robots, equipment is polished by them, and instruments can be assembled by robots as well.

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