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Robot Use in the Present and Future


robot uses Robots in the present are able to perform a number of different tasks as compared to the past uses of robots.  Advances in technology have helped present robots to expand their horizons into medical, law enforcement, and military fields amongst many others.
How Robots are Used in the Present
Industrial operations is one of the most popular areas for robotics and is where they originated from.  Industrial robots commonly have 1 arm with an EOAT and can be classified into 3 categories: Assembly and finishingMovement of materials/objectsPerforming in hazardous conditions.

The most common present applications of robots is welding, in fact a quarter of today's robots are used for such applications.  Other common applications for present robots include:Cutting, Grinding, PolishingDrilling, Sanding, Painting, Spraying, and Assembly.

Robots in the present have been a great asset because they can perform jobs that are too dangerous for humans.  This has allowed workers to move onto more skilled jobs such as programming robots. Present robots have also found careers in the medical field.  Today's robots assist in high precision surgeries such as brain and heart surgery.  They are also used to test quality control in pharmaceuticals.

How Robots Will Affect Our Future 

In the future service robots are expected to surpass the industrial robot market.  Many manufacturers are starting to look into fields that are lacking workers.  One area of interest is developing robotic helpers for the elderly.  You may also see major uses of robotics in law enforcement and security.  Future robots could also be as small as a computer chip and inserted into appliances such as vacuum cleaners.

How robots will affect future generations may aslo be seen in the economy.  High quality products cause high sales, which keeps companies alive and running, and stimulates the economy in return.

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