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Robotic Arc Welding Machines


Generally, equipment for automatic arc welding is designed differently than that used for manual arc welding.  The automatic welding equipment must be engineered for high duty cycles and be able to interface with the control system.  The productivity of a robotic arc welding cell is increased due to the automatic rotating fixture.  This allows the operator to fix one set of parts while the robot welds another.

robotic arc welding machines

FANUC ARC Mate Series model robots will add value to automated welding processes by increasing weld quality, decreasing manufacturing costs, and improving safety in the workplace.  Partnering with Lincoln Electric, FANUC works to proves that advanced robotic technology for arc welding processes help bring manufacturing costs down. 

The ARC Mate 100iC series provides accurate and consistent path performance.  The specific design protects the weld torch cable from the wire feeder to the torch goose neck, which reduces cable wear and wire feeder issues.  This series offers an extremely large work envelope, beneficial for large parts or complex tooling.  The ARC Mate 100iB has a 6kg payload and is compact, flexible, precise, and has excellent speeds. It has a very narrow wrist which allows it to easily reach inside of parts and machines. This traits make it versatile to be used with applications such as high speed welding and cutting while also being able to properly handle pick and place jobs. 

Motoman patented multiple robot control and its Master Arc series robots.  Integrated through-the-arm cabling improves weld accuracy and torch access while reducing downtime.  Motoman also introduced the first 7-axis arc welding robot.

The VA1400 model is flexible and can reduce floor space and achieve higher robot density for increased production.  Its unique elbow arm axis allows the robot to reach around tall parts or into parts.  The MA1400 reduces welding cycle time due to servo motor control technology and is ideally suited for use in high-density workcells with multiple robots working together.  Other notable Motoman models are the MA3100, the MH5LS, the MG6S, and the HP20D-6.

ABB is one of the top suppliers for welding robots in the world. They offer complete dress packages for welding, as well as innovative software. Because of their extensive line of products, ABB is one of the only companies that can provide customers with a complete package without having to go to another company.

The ABB IRB 1520ID is a high accuracy robotic arc welder that has an integrated dress package already installed. The IRB 1520ID has the ability to work around the clock, which makes it even more cost efficient for manufacturers, while also lowering the maintenance costs by almost 50 percent, allowing it to provide the lowest weld price in its class. ABB also offers the IRB 140, IRB 1600, IRB 2400, and IRB 4400, along with several other arc welding models.

KUKA offers its ARC robot line, specially adapted for arc welding tasks and projects.  With a wide range of payload capacity and a reach of up to 3.1 m, this series of robots can access hard-to-reach weld seams with welding equipment.  KUKA can provide a robot for the following welding applications:  underwater arc welding, plasma arc welding, SRC welding, MIG arc welding, and TIG arc welding.

The KUKA KR 5 arc is the perfect robot for standard arc welding tasks.  The KR 5-2 arc HW and KR 16 arc HW are the specialists for arc welding due to the hollow wrist and several other features.  The KR 6-2 has a fist-shaped work envelope and is ideal for space-saving concepts.  The KR 16-2 is versatile and works well with most manufacturing industries.  When the reach is crucial, the KR 16 L6-2 is the ideal robot for the job.

RobotWorx carries a large variety of robotic arc welding machines.  If you aren't sure where to start, contact us online today and we can help direct you to finding the right robot for your needs.  You can also call our experts at 740-251-4312.

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