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Robots gripping with fingers – and tendons


Robotic Hand Grippers

The robotic gripper is the part of the robot that acts like its hands, gripping products during the manufacturing process. There are many different kinds of grippers, but some of the most popular ones actually simulate human hand motion – hand grippers -- which can differ the pressure used when grabbing something.

According to an article on gizmag.com, the quest for a robot hand gripper with a light, while still effective, touch has led to a robot gripper that actually has tendons. This even further allows the gripper to mimic the muscle movement of the human hand.

The artificial tendons control each of the three-part fingers on the hand gripper. The tendons on the gripper are made of long polymer string twisted by a motor, which makes the tendon tighten, controlling the hand. The tendons help the gripper to be strong and agile enough to pick up a 5kg, 30mm load in a mere second.

The tendons lend to the precision and accuracy of the gripper as well. The article stated that the finger segments give the robot flexibility to pick up a diverse range of objects, from an Easter egg to a heavy glass bottle.

Researchers believe that this robot hand gripper could be employed in the home, search and rescue, and the industrial fields.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of grippers for robotics companies like FANUC, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA, has several robotic hand grippers to choose from, including servo-electric grippers that grip similarly to the human hand. Grippers are commonly used in material handling applications, and RobotWorx will work with our customers to get them the best robot system and gripper for their material handling applications.

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