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Search and Rescue Robots


Tragedies come in all shapes and sizes – from the collapsing of the World Trade Center Towers to the devastation that washed ashore during Hurricane Katrina. Scientists are trying to make search and rescue after such events easier and more effective with an array of search and rescue robots for the air and ground. These robots will hopefully make search and rescue a quicker and more efficient process.

rescue robot

                                                                                                              Picture source: homelandsecuritynewswire.com 

Search and rescue robotics that roam through rubble have single or dual arms that can move rubble to help find victims in need of medical assistance. Unlike a human search and rescue professional or volunteer, a robot can search more effectively because they are able to move a heavier amount of rubble at a time. These robots, along with the air search and rescue robots, can also have vision sensors to help them see any possible victim in the rubble.

This single and dual-armed lifting technology was derived from factory robots that have been performing similar functions for over 40 years. Factory robots, much like search and rescue robotic systems, are able to perform at a higher function than their human counterparts. They are able to lift more weight, as well as being able to work faster and more accurately.

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