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Sniffing Out the Bombs with Robot Technology


Soldiers in the United States Military, as well as the military forces of other countries, are put in harm’s way every day in conflicts around the world. Two of the main hazards they face, outside of actual enemy fire, are landmines and roadside bombs. With the technology that has been developed recently, these bombs can be “sniffed out” by robots that are able to detect the bomb and move it to a safe location, out of the path of military units.

The world is littered with mines and roadside bombs from current and past conflicts. While human troops can navigate these minefields as carefully as possible, they are not always successful and a mine or bomb goes off, causing several injuries and deaths. By using a bomb sniffing robot to find these mines, troops do not have to navigate and face peril when crossing these stretches of land. The same can be said for roadside bombs planted by enemy forces. These can cause injuries and death to troops, as well as damage to military vehicles. By checking roads for these and moving them to secure locations, or disarming them, military people are kept out of harm’s way.

However, this is not just about keeping troops safe during conflicts. As mentioned above, these bombs and mines may not detonate during a conflict, and they may exist for several years after a conflict has ended. There are parts of Vietnam and the former USSR that are littered with these minefields. By using this type of technology, organizations can remove these mines safely, and save civilians, including children, from dismemberment or death. By detonating or removing these mines, they are not harming unintended targets, cutting down the number of those killed in this way.

All in all, bomb-sniffing robotic systems are in place to keep humans safe – one of the many reasons that robots were developed in the first place; to perform jobs that can be hazardous to humans. A robotic bomb sniffer uses sensors that are not that different from the sensors that industrial robots use every day to handle and manipulate materials, and their grippers are similar as well. The industrial robots are also good at keeping workers out of harm’s way, by performing jobs in environments that could cause injury or sickness to human workers, cutting down on production slowdowns and interruptions.

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