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Sports Robots


robots playing sportsSports are a worldwide pastime. From football to basketball to baseball and even swimming, millions, if not billions, of people enjoy watching or playing sports. Now, those people can play against other enthusiasts, or they can play against sports robots. Yes, in this day in age, even robots are involved in sports.

Technically, robots have been involved in sports since their inception. Any robot that lifts things can technically be called a robotic weightlifter. Of course, that has more to do with the robot’s job than a sports competition. Currently, scientists are designing and building robots that are able to perform in several different ways athletically. Robotic sports applications can include something where a ball has to be sent back and forth, like ping pong, or they can even perform in something more complicated like soccer, where the field is constantly shifting and changing.

How are robots so proficient at sports? It is has a lot to do with their dexterity. Robots are able to perform sports applications and help coaches during training camps because they are able to operate with a high amount of agility and precision, which is helpful for human competitors who are trying to improve their game.

This level of agility and precision comes from the same place as the ability to lift weight – industrial robots. Robots that have been in the industrial field for decades are able to perform with heightened levels of agility and precision as well, which improves the quality of the products that they handle, finish and weld. That is why companies choose to automate their manufacturing processes with robotic systems.

Will robots take over for athletes completely one day? Probably not. But, their continued improvement can only help improve the quality of industrial robotic automation and the products those robots manufacture. And who knows? Maybe we’ll be cheering for the Robotic World Cup one day.

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