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The ABB IRB 5350


ABB IRB 5350Industrial robots can perform an entire array of tasks, and the robots that are made by ABB are no exception to that rule. ABB Robotics has built robots for more than 40 years, and in that time, they have built robots that can weld, handle material and remove material. Now, with the introduction of the ABB IRB 5350, they also have a robot that can open doors.

According to the ABB website, the IRB 5350 is a compact robot that can function as a precise automotive interior painting system, as well as opening doors, due to a specially designed tool that is outfitted with sensors to improve its accuracy even further. And, as anyone in the industrial painting market knows, accuracy is one of the most important aspects of the application.

The IRB 5350 from ABB offers customers the high performance and reliability that ABB is known for, but the robot also has the compact design that allows for more flexibility during installation. The site stated that the robot can be integrated into narrow spaces, as well as offering customers extra flexibility with the layout by having a dedicated rail system, which works with floor or wall mounting.

Overall, the ABB IRB 5350 is a dependable system that will definitely help to speed up the automobile interior painting process, saving manufacturers time and money.

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