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The artistic side of industrial robot arms


Robot Arm Writes the BibleWhen you think of industrial robot arms, the first thing you probably think of is a brightly lit factory with a robot welding or assembling something, right? Or maybe your mind goes to those robots that package food and beverages. Did you ever think that those same six-axis robots could have an artistic side?

Well, with the right programmer, it appears that they do.

In a recent article, writer Mike Henderson of io9.com describes a few projects that KUKA industrial robot arms are working on.

One KUKA industrial robotic arm is a sculptor. This robot has an electric chainsaw as its end-of-arm-tooling. It creates 3-D sculptures, and even furniture, out of solid blocks of wood. Nothing more fluffy and comforting than a large metal industrial robot arm wielding a chainsaw, right?

Another robotic industrial arm is drawing, with the use of the vision feature and a pencil. The camera affixed to the robot takes a picture of a subject, and then it uses software that converts that picture to specific coordinates that the robot can use to draw the portrait.

The final industrial robot arm is possibly the most amazing. As part of an art project, according to Henderson, this KUKA robot is using a quill pen to write out the entire 66 books of The Bible. It only took the robot 9 months continuously running. The same task would take a human years to achieve.

While the industrial robotic arms at RobotWorx are not creating any works of art at this time, they can perform several welding, material handling and material removal tasks that fit many manufacturing industries.

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