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The Basics of the Motoman UP6


basics of motoman up6The Motoman UP6 robot is just like many robots in the Motoman line. It is versatile enough to weld, remove material and handle material. Its ability to provide such range is provided by a network of robotic parts that work as a team to run the UP-6. These parts are the AC servomotors, the internal wiring, the limit switch set, the wrist unit and the R-axis driving unit.

Like any other piece of machinery, the UP6 robot arm needs to be able to move with a great range of motion. That movement is provided by the AC servomotors, part numbers HW9381362, HW9381363 and HW9381370. Without these motors, the robotic arm would stay in a crouched position, with nowhere to go.

The Motoman UP 6 robot also has internal wiring, part number HW9171470-A, that connects the robot arm to the essential power supply and the robotic controller, the brain of the robot. The internal wiring feeds the robot the program algorithms it needs to perform its applications.

Also, the UP-6 has a limit switch set, part number HW9371069-A. This switch set expands the UP6’s functionality for controlling of the robotic motion of components, like the wrist. The wrist unit, part number HW9170593-A, is where the end effector is attached. This part of the robot allows it to perform its application. The final piece of the wrist area is the R-axis driving unit, part number HW9370934-A, which controls the motors of the robot.

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