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The FANUC P-250iB Painting Robot


fanuc p250ibPainting is one of the oldest robotic applications on the market today. Companies like FANUC Robotics have been building and improving their painting robots for years – leading to some of the best painting robots on the market, like the FANUC P-250iB.

The FANUC P250iB is the most flexible and advanced six-axis painting robot on the market, according to the FANUC website. With the versatility to be mounted on the floor, wall, ceiling or shelf, the P 250 iB gives manufacturers the ability to fit this robot into even smaller floor plans or spaces. This versatility also continues with the option for left handed or right handed mounting, which, as FANUC states, allows for continuity throughout the painting work station.

Another possibility that the P-250-iB gives manufacturers is the option to configure the system as either a single or dual-armed system. This allows manufacturers to optimize their painting applications in different ways, while also saving manufacturers time and money by contributing speed and accuracy to the painting application.

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