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The FANUC R30iA Teach Pendant


r-30ia teach pendantWhen a company switches from one series of equipment to another, it is unknown how that series will be accepted by their customers. It seems that in the case of the FANUC R30iA teach pendant, the level of acceptance is clear.

This popular teach pendant model, part number A05B-2518-C200, is the first in the R30 series of pendants. It still retains some of the RJ3 charm, like the 40 axes of control, multi-tasking capabilities, and the ergonomically-designed teach pendant that is lightweight and large enough to prevent eye strain. The teach pendant is also equipped with touch screen and color to provide an easier interface for users.

However, there are many powerful programming functions in this new FANUC R-30iA pendant as well. Since the system is not PC-based, the unit is virus free, which is a benefit to manufacturers, especially those who have experienced downtime because of PC-based pendants in the past. There is also a high level of security for the pendant if power is lost in the facility.

Along with those benefits, the FANUC R 30 iA A05B2518C200 teach pendant has a faster start-up time than ever before. It can be ready to roll in under a minute because without the PC-based system, the teach pendant is not lagged. This includes a quick start up of basic software as well, all of which contribute to ease of use for the operator and a decrease in downtime for the manufacturer.

While it is just the first model in the series, the FANUC A05B 2518 C200 R-30iA is definitely in a class all its own.

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