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The inner workings of the Motoman K6SB


The Motoman K6SB Robot

The Motoman K6SB is designed to perform a wide variety of functions from arc welding to material handling and material removal. All it takes to get this versatility is the change of the end-of-arm tooling. However, it isn’t the outside of the robot, but the inner workings that make the K6-SB so interesting. The motors, the speed reducers and the gears keep it running year after year.

The K6SB has AC servomotors, part numbers HW9380861-A, HW9380862-A and HW9380863-A, that work together with the rest of the system to direct power to the gears and assist the robot arm in being able to move at all of its axes.

The speed reducers for the K-6SB are found on every axis as well, part numbers HW8380795-A, HW9380142-A, HW8380798, HW9380950-A and HW8380799-A. These speed reducers are able to redirect the power from the motors, slowing the output and directing it to other places in the robot, improving the overall functionality of the robot.

And where does all that power go? To the gears of course, part numbers HW8425133-1, HW8425134-1 and HW8425135-1. The gears are what make all the different parts of the robot actually move. Without the gears, the robot would sit in a crouched position and would not be able to manipulate anything.

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