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The Internal Makeup of the FANUC ArcMate 100iB


internal makeup of fanuc arcmate 100ib

The FANUC ARC Mate 100iB, part number A05B-1215-B601, is one of the premiere arc welding robots in the FANUC lineup. However, did you know that this robot is made up of much more than six joints, steel arms, a wrist and a welding package? The Arc Mate 100iB is also made up of cables, motors and gears that keep the robot moving the way it should.

The ARC Mate 100-iB has several cables, part numbers A05B-1215-D006 and A660-4004-T116, which are used for running a pulse to and from the motors, as well as providing the robot with power to aid in its motion. Without these cables, the FANUC Arc Mate 100/iB would be sitting in a crouched position forever.

Another component that contributes to the motion of the Arcmate 100i-B are the motors. These motors are found on every axis of the robot: J1, A06B-0223-B605; J2, A06B-223B605; J3, A06B-0202-B605; J4, A06B-0202-B605; J5, A06B-0115-B275#0008; and J6, A06B-0114-B275#0008. These motors send a signal out to the robot and receive feedback to control the gears, which cause the robot to move.

The cables control the motors and the motors control the gears, but without the gears, where would the Arc Mate be? Without the gears, part numbers A290-7215-X511, A290-7215-V501, A290-7215-V502 and A290-7215-X514, the wrist found in the J5 axis would not move. This may make the gears the most integral part of the entire robotic system. Without the gears, the robot would be completely unable to complete its job.

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