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The internal operation of the Motoman SK45


The Motoman SK45 Robot

Like many of the robots in the SK series, the Motoman SK45 is handy at welding, material handling and many other applications. While the motion of the SK-45 may look simplistic enough, the internal operations of the robot are anything but. It takes a system of finely tuned speed reducers, servomotors and internal wiring working as a team for the SK 45 to run effectively.

The speed reducers are found on each axis of the robot: S-axis, HW9380736-A; L-axis, HW9380616-A; U-axis, HW9380616-B; R-axis, HW9280679-A; B-axis, HW9381139-A and the T-axis, HW9280651-A.These speed reducers work in conjunction with the motors to slow output and redirect energy as needed for the system.

The AC servomotors, part numbers HW9381136-A, HW9381137-A, HW9380635-A and HW9380768-A, are also found on every axis. These motors are fitted with amplifiers that allow them to collect feedback from the rest of the robot and communicate to improve the functionality of the robot as a whole.

Then there is the internal wiring, one of the most critical parts in the entire robot, part number HW9171248-A. The internal wiring runs information from the robot controller to all parts of the robot, as well as directing electrical power from the power supply, giving the robot the ability to move. Also, since the wiring is internal, it cuts down on wear and tear, as well as maintenance costs.

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