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The internal workings of the Motoman SV3


Motoman SV3 Robot

The Motoman SV3 robot is a compact robotic system that provides the manufacturer with the ability to weld, as well as handle material in several different ways. But, what makes the SV3 tick? What makes this complex system run? Basically, it is a system of timing belts, speed reducers, servomotors and internal wiring that runs the SV-3.

The timing belts, part numbers 050S4.5M198 and 050S4.5M315, are essential to the motion of a system. These belts help to synchronize the movements of the robot, helping its parts to move together in harmony, which improves the fluidity of the system.

The speed reducers are placed on every axis: the S-axis, HW9381283-A; the L-axis, HW9381284-A; the U-axis, HW9381285-A; the R-axis, HW9381225-A; the B-axis, HW9381226-A and the T-axis, HW9381227-A. Not only do these reducers slow down the output from the motor, but they also make for a quieter robot during applications.

Of course, the muscles that make the SV 3 robot arm move are the servomotors, part numbers HW9381253-A, HW9381228-A, HW9381229-A and HW9381231-A. The AC servomotors for the Motoman SV-3 are much like regular AC motors, except they have amplifiers and they receive feedback from the robots. These are what assist the SV3’s movement.

Finally, we come to the internal wiring, part numbers HW9171348-A, HW9270888-A and HW9270889-A. While many robots have one set of internal wires, this SV-3 model has three different sets: One at the L-arm, one at the U-arm and one at the S-axis. These wires route the directions from the controller to the robot so it can perform the application.

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