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The Latest in Defense Robots


Defense robots are built to take abuse in harsh environments in order to save lives.  An operator remotely monitors the situation, and does not have to place himself in a hazardous situation.  Defense robots provide security and surveillance for different types of missions. 

In July 2013, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) introduced one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built.  The Atlas robot, built by Boston Dynamics, is 330 pounds and over 6 feet tall.  It has arms, legs, a head, and joints, and it makes natural movements controlled by an on-board computer.  It’s purpose?  To help humankind with future disasters:  saving lives, avoiding destruction, and assisting with disaster relief. 

DARPA defense robotDARPA is no stranger to disaster-response robots.  It holds competitions for robot creation.  Their primary goal is to create robots to foster security of humans in both natural and manmade disasters.  DARPA believes robots should have three main features:  compatibility with human environments, ability to use human tools, and ability to be supervised by people that might not be trained to do so, which would require an intuitive interface.

iRobot develops combat-proven defense robots to protect and save lives.  The robots are used by the military for combat missions, and are also used by public safety professionals.  These robots reduce risk and increase situational awareness, which in turn, increases mission success.  Ground robots (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) can perform tasks like search, reconnaissance, and bomb disposal.  The iRobot 510 PackBot is battle-tested and performs bomb disposal and similar dangerous missions for troops and first responders.  iRobot’s maritime robots (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) perform missions like physical, chemical, biological oceanography, oceanographic surveys and maritime environmental monitoring.  The 1KA Seaglider is a long-range and high-endurance tool for data collection.

SuperDroid robots have a variety of robots designed for defense.  The SWAT / EOD Tactical Treaded Robot has a rugged all-terrain tracked platform.  The Remote Surveillance Treaded Robot is ideal for surveillance, even in water.  Their All Terrain model is versatile, and the Surveillance and Inspection Robot is equipped with a camera.

Defense robots provide feedback and assistance in dangerous situations, allowing humans the freedom to remain removed from harsh environments.  RobotWorx is a proud supporter of robotics being used in our defense group.  If you would like to integrate an industrial robot, contact RobotWorx today to decide which robot is the right fit for you; online or at 740-251-4312.