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The parts that operate the Motoman K30


The Motoman K30, like many robots in the Motoman K series, are versatile robots that are able to perform dozens of different applications from welding to handling to removal. When the end effector is changed, the possibilities are limitless. However, while the movement may seem simplistic, the parts that contribute to that movement are anything but. The AC servomotors, the internal wiring and the battery unit are all critical in the motion of the K-30.

Just like other robots in the series, the K 30 has servomotors on every axis, part numbers HW9380843-A and HW9380844-A. Unlike the other robots in the series, there are only two different kinds of servomotors, instead of three. These servomotors move the gears in the robot, which is integral to the robot’s motion during applications.

Much like the servomotors, which direct power to the gears, the internal wiring, part numbers HW9170860-A, HW9270557-C, HW8371264-A and HW8371263-A, direct power to the motors, and the rest of the robot. Not only do they direct power, but they also direct information from the controller to the robot so it can perform its application.

And finally, there is the battery unit, where power is stored and drawn from if necessary. The battery unit, HW8471030-A, stores power from the wiring and the motors, so that the robot can still function in the event of the brief loss of power. Any loss of power and production could back up the production line and cause downtime.

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