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What are the advantages of robot welding over manual welding?


Welding is a process where two materials are fused together through heating, intermixing, and then cooling the materials and/or a filler to form a strong join. From arc welding to spot welding, new and used welding robots are typically used in welding processes where the weld required is repetitive and quality and speed are crucial.  Robotic welding is an automated process that increases efficiency, consistency, and your ROI

welding safely with robots 

There are several advantages to automating a factory with welding robotics, including faster, consistent cycle times, no break in production, and better weld quality.

Robotic weld cells work productively because they can work without breaks or days off. A robot welder is more consistent and thorough and can move from one weld to the next quickly, speeding up the entire process.

Basically, by using welding robotic automation, the process takes less time, and manufacturers can cut the cost of direct labor and safety and conserve materials:

Taking Less Time:

Robotic welding systems will get the job done quickly.  Whether you have new or used welding robots, they have fewer mistakes than manual welding.  Unlike laborers, robots don't require breaks, vacations, etc.  Your work can continue without interruption, 24/7.  This in turn, will increase your throughput & productivity. 

Cut the Cost of Direct Labor & Safety:

The cost of manual welding can be steep.  It requires time, skill and concentration.  It is also dangerous.  Welding is a very dangerous application.  Flash, fumes, sparks and heat make manual welding a taxing and hazardous job.  With robotic welding, you will protect workers and reduce costs.  These systems endure the hazards and often increase production.  Insurance and accident related costs are reduced considerably. 

Conserve Materials:

Even the most skilled welders make mistakes.  However, with new and used welding robotics, everything is regulated, including power and wire.  Automated used welding robotic systems conserve energy by running consistently (fewer start-ups).  Plus, the weldments that are created are extremely consistent.  The accuracy of robot systems means there is less wasted material and time.  Conserve your material and increase your product quality at the same time!

Some companies switch to robotic welding applications gradually, starting with a single welding cell and slowly converting to an automated welding process. Robots can be helpful when access to a part is limited or difficult to reach. Manufacturers have created designs that allow for a slender robotic arm to reach smaller areas.

Worried About Justifying the Cost?  A quick look at the ROI makes it clear, how can you justify NOT investing in robotic welding?  RobotWorx also offers reconditioned welding robots at a fraction of the price of a new welding robot.

RobotWorx can integrate new and used robots for  robotic welding applications. We robots popular brands of arc welding robots such as ABB, Motoman, KUKA, and FANUC. If you are interested in robotic welding, contact our sales department at 740-251-4312.