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Automated spindling can produce a more consistent, precise, and overall high quality product (than manual work) for a variety of applications.  Spindling robots are excellent choices for applications such as material removal, deburring, milling, or precise routing.  They help to make work pieces clean and uniform for manufacturing processes.

Masters at material handling, the Motoman GP series is ready to conquer your application and increase your total productivity. The robots in this series (GP 7, GP 8, and GP 12) offer high speeds and amazing efficiency.  Additionally, all of the robots have a compact, slim design, a small footprint.These robots were designed with the customer in mind; they honor your time and also provide you with easy set-up, operation, and maintenance.

MotoLogix is a new, revolutionary software and hardware interface that can control DX200 Motoman robots via a Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC.  The integration of MotoLogix into the PLC offers the full advantages of the robot controller, but provides a more simplified process.  No longer will programming, operation, and maintenance of robots and machine control be carried out separately.

The ABB IRB 7600 is a work horse and ready to take on any heavy duty job between 150 - 500 kg (up to 630 kg with “wrist down”), depending on the model.  It excels at handling tough tasks as it has high available torque and inertia capability, a robust and rigid design, and powerful acceleration. This powerful acceleration results in shorter cycle times due to its motion control, unique to ABB.

Strength, Speed, Compact Design, Versatility:The Motoman UP6 can perform in nearly any context and offers the ability to switch between any automation project.  It provides amazing strength, speed, and versatility, as it conquers a variety of applications from welding, material removal, to material handling.  The overall productivity of your automation line will be increased as collision avoidance is provided, enabling two or three robots to work in conjunction with each other.

The Motoman UP  20-6 XRC is a high-speed robot that has 6-axes to help with dynamic acceleration. These speeds help to reduce your cycle times, ultimately saving your company money. Additionally, it is streamlined with a small footprint, saving your space on your production line! This compact design allows for close placement to the work piece holding fixture for improved part accessibility.

There is no doubt that any purchase of a Motoman robot will save your company money, time, and enhance your product value.  Yasakawa Motoman spends a great deal of time thoughtfully designing a variety of robots to best suit the needs of various applications. This is especially the case with Motoman’s UP165.

The Motoman UP130 is a high-speed, robust robot that includes advanced Sigma motors to help provide a powerful, slim design. This 6-axis robot provides unmatched flexibility through the combination of a heavy-duty body and Motoman's multiple robot controller.This arrangement makes the UP130 perfectly suited for a variety of applications and sets the standard for versatility.

The Motoman HP6 is ready and waiting to be installed into your automation line to add the perfect solution to producing fast and quality products. Many companies across the country, and even the globe, have already experienced the added benefits of integrating a Motoman HP6 through RobotWorx. Our team worked hard to listed to the needs of a Missouri company who was desiring an improvement in their speed and functionality.

There is no denying that an integration of any Motoman robot will save you time and money.

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