Technological advancements tend to be accompanied by doomsday cries and skepticism. This is definitely true for robotics. Many see the use of robotics as a threat to every job imaginable, especially those in the manufacturing sector.The reality is more complicated and thankfully, much more positive in nature. Contrary to popular belief, robots are actually responsible for creating jobs and improving job quality.

A key component of robotic preventive maintenance involves keeping cables in tip-top shape. Cables ferry information and power to and from the teach pendant, controller, and manipulator. They are vital to the functionality of any industrial robot.Robotic cables are also expensive and time-consuming to replace. Avoid unnecessary downtime and cost by following a few simple preventive measures.

This year RobotWorx is investing in the local community and the next generation with a donation to the Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio (JANCO).  JANCO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping students in grades K-12 with life skills. It offers hands-on programming that targets three things: workforce readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

Your shiny new industrial robot arrives at your facility. Now what?  As with many other tasks, it's important to have a checklist to follow when installing an industrial robot. We are happy to provide a step-by-step list of what to do first, second, third, what to remember, what to watch out for, and more.

Marysville USFIRST Robotics Club, one of the robot teams RobotWorx supports, got to run their robot through its paces at the Buckeye Regional FIRST Robotics Competition.More than 1,400 high school students participated in the event, held April 7-9 at the Cleveland State University Wolstein Center.

RobotWorx is proud to support the IEEE at UIC Robotics Team. This academic year, the group of college students designed, built, and entered a robot in the Jerry Sanders Design Competition. They returned from the college design competition inspired and ready to build an even better entry for next year.

Until recently, industrial robots have been relative strangers to the warehouse distribution industry. But new developments in robot technology, specifically robotic software, vision systems, sensors, and EOAT, have brought about a new era.??Thanks to these advancements, robots are now capable of offering distribution companies much more intelligent and flexible solutions.The warehousing industry has been quick to embrace the new and improved robotic technology.

As alternative methods of producing energy become increasingly sought-after, production must keep pace. For alternative energy industries to survive and thrive, they must increase their reliance on the industrial robot.  "The growing demand in alternative energy sources after the recent nuclear catastrophe in Japan will push robot installations, e.g. the production of solar cells etc." - International Federation of Robotics (www.ifr.

As a FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrator, RobotWorx is able to provide customers with legal software solutions for every application need. RemovalTool is one of FANUC Robotics' application software solutions. It is specifically designed to streamline and simplify material removal such as deburring, grinding, deflashing, and cutting.This FANUC software solution provides a headache free way to achieve edging and surface finishing perfection.

There's no denying that robot grease is a critical component of industrial robot maintenance. It is important to use the appropriate grease for precision reduction gears and change it out periodically. Even when you play by the rules, there can still be grease problems.VIGOGREASE REO, a new Japanese robot grease, aims to eliminate some of the issues associated with previous robot grease options.

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