There's no denying that robot grease is a critical component of industrial robot maintenance. It is important to use the appropriate grease for precision reduction gears and change it out periodically. Even when you play by the rules, there can still be grease problems.??VIGOGREASE REO, a new Japanese robot grease, aims to eliminate some of the issues associated with previous robot grease options.

Six weeks. That's all the time Marysville, Ohio USFIRST Robotics Club (FRC) had to build a robot from scratch. Not only was the group of 21 high school students able to accomplish this feat, they learned a lot in the process. Now they are ready to face a new challenge - an upcoming USFIRST competition. Marysville FRC will compete in the Buckeye Regional FRC competition held April 7-9 in Cleveland, Ohio. 

 RobotWorx is a strong advocate of STEM and robotics education.

Machining, laser cutting, and other continuous-path applications require robotic solutions capable of incredibly precise and reliable performance. When a margin for error simply doesn't exist, the high accuracy (HA) robot series from KUKA Robotics is designed to meet the challenges. Enhanced Repeatability:
 Repeatability and precision work are inextricably linked.

A spider robot with eyes? Cool! The interactive Fanuc M-1iA demo RobotWorx brought to the COSI Columbus Robot Science Day proved an immense success. Kids and adults alike enjoyed watching the M-1iA assembly robot's adroit movements.   Robot Science Day Video The event's coordinator, Faculty Leader for Special Programs Joan Harless noticed the impact the robot had on visitors.

RobotWorx CEO Keith Wanner is a firm supporter of his alma mater The Ohio State University (OSU). He is also an enthusiastic advocate of science education. A new building project on the OSU Marion campus offered the perfect opportunity to promote both. 

 Wanner recently presented OSU at Marion with a $50,000 donation to be used towards the construction of a new science building. Ground breaking for OSU Marion's science center is tentatively scheduled for 2012.

No one ever said learning how to properly ship your industrial robot couldn't be fun. RobotWorx just started a new robot video series called Quick Tips designed to liven things up. Quick Tip videos provide robot facts and guidelines in a visually interesting and concise manner. Every subject is broken down into easily digestible steps and/or tips. It is our hope that Quick Tip videos will serve as helpful resources for our customers.

If you need robot tooling to pick up, manipulate, and place your product/part, chances are you're going to use a robotic gripper.Arguably the most common type of end of arm tooling (EOAT), robotic grippers are found in virtually every industry and context from food production and cleanroom environments to foundries and distribution centers.Robotic grippers come in a variety of types, sizes, and configurations -- friction, encompassing, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, magnetic, etc.

The IEEE Robotics Team at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has taken on a serious design challenge. They're building a robot to compete in the 24th annual Jerry Sanders Design Competition (JSDC). Held in March, the JSDC brings college design teams together for two days of intense robot battling. This year's challenge involves Nerf balls! RobotWorx is proud to be a IEEE at UIC Robotics Team sponsor.

 It is always important to select the right tool for the task. The same rule of thumb is true when it comes to choosing an industrial robot arm.Larger robots are built to provide more stability and reach. They can lift heavy objects and span larger distances. On the other end of the spectrum, small industrial robot arms are more appropriate for tasks with lighter payload and compact work envelope needs.

Robotic laser welding is a cost-effective and flexible application for achieving high quality weldments. The combined flexibility of the robotic arm and capabilities of laser welding technology produce very sophisticated results.In fact, laser welding offers so many advantages that some companies have switched their MIG and other welding applications over to laser welding. Fast, Precision-Driven Welding:The speed and accuracy provided by robotic laser welding solutions is unparalleled.

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