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All around our website you can find news, videos, product listings, and other information about all different kinds of welding workcells.

With Motoman Robotics' new MyMotoman Remote Monitoring Service, companies can choose when, where, and what to use to check in on their robotic equipment. MyMotoman utilizes cloud computing technology which allows users to access the service using only an Internet connection and their unique login information. This remote support service makes it possible for owners of Motoman robots to be aware of any alerts and production issues right when they are happening.

Machining encompasses a number of different material removal applications, such as milling, drilling, chamfering, and deburring, performed by power-driven machine tools. Most typically metal but also plastic and wooden objects require machining to achieve the right shape. . Machining applications pose a number of tough challenges. However, industrial robot technology has been able to effectively meet each one.

RobotWorx is working with Robotmaster software supplier, In-House Solutions Inc., to provide customers with exceptional workcells for tough applications, machining in particular.  The newly established business partnership takes full advantage of each company’s strengths. RobotWorx builds and supports the robotic systems and In-House Solutions Inc. handles the Robotmaster programming and support.

Want a plasma cutting answer that will be able to easily adapt to changing products, production goals, and new technologies? Then it is time to consider a robotic plasma cutting system. Only robotic plasma cutting systems provide customers with the versatility they need to compete.Flexibility: Robotic plasma cutting systems are much more versatile than fixed automation such as CNC machines.

Ever hear the expression, “time is money”? It definitely rings true for industrial robots. The sooner a company can install and begin using a robotic system, the sooner it will begin to see a clear return on investment.At RobotWorx, we are dedicated to serving our customers through speedy order fulfillment. Our goal is to streamline the path from robot order placement to robot system installation as much as possible.

Advanced Manufacturing Partnership:On Friday, June 24th, at Carnegie Mellon University, President Obama launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP). The collaborative research effort brings together leading academic institutions, businesses, and government agencies to promote innovation and invention.A total of $500 million has been allotted for AMP. Six universities are involved at this stage including CMU, Georgia Tech, Stanford and Michigan.

Necessity is the mother of invention and in response to packing automation challenges, robot manufacturers have created a wide variety of packing robot solutions.Packing applications require smart, flexible, and precise robots. Packaging materials and product shapes are always changing. Packing jobs range from inspecting, case coding, and reading barcodes, to sorting, labeling, and pick and placing items. Find out about the diversity of packing robots available.

Robot technology is on the brink of yet another major advancement. The goal is increased cooperation between robotic and human workers. Find out what this will mean for robot technology and robot users.Reasons for Heading in the Direction of Collaboration:Robots and humans bring different strengths to the table. Industrial robots are capable of performing with precision and repeatability. They are also extremely strong.

Technological advancements tend to be accompanied by doomsday cries and skepticism. This is definitely true for robotics. Many see the use of robotics as a threat to every job imaginable, especially those in the manufacturing sector.The reality is more complicated and thankfully, much more positive in nature. Contrary to popular belief, robots are actually responsible for creating jobs and improving job quality.

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