A group of German artists called Robotlab have programmed a Kuka robot to write the entire Bible. The Bios [Bible] project demonstrates the dexterity and precision of today's industrial robots.Using a pen for EOAT, this robot scribe is writing in a calligraphy version of a 15th century German font known as Schwabacher. The result is a Martin Luther-period Bible with both Old and New Testaments - written on a long scroll of paper.

Vision continues to play an important role in the evolution of robotic technology. RobotWorx joined the discussion in the August/September issue of Imaging and Machine Vision Europe. The IMVE article, "Vision of the Future," highlights current advancements in the field of 3D robot vision - from a humanoid with sight, to vision-guided pick and place applications. RobotWorx Vice President, Jarrod Bichon, adds his thoughts about robotic sight and industrial robots in the article.

Turns out moving your company to another country may not be the best option anymore. Robots are providing fast effective solutions for companies struggling to compete in a tough global market. Offshoring may seem idyllic on paper, but there are many hidden obstacles and costs. Far from a quick-fix, offshoring can be costly. Automation, on the other hand, is an effective alternative, especially when your application is repetitive and you are facing high labor costs.

Choosing between Scara and Cartesian robots can be difficult. Both styles provide excellent solutions for pick and place, assembly, and packaging applications, but each robot has unique features and advantages. By understanding these differences, and carefully evaluating your work space, application, and product, you can make the best decision. Consider Your Work Envelope: The SCARA or Selective Compliant Assembly (or Articulated) Robot Arm robot provides a circular work envelope.

Robot integrator RobotWorx is demonstrating its enthusiasm for fitness and The Ohio State University by sponsoring the Old Nuts Lacrosse Club (ONLC).   "RobotWorx believes in supporting physical fitness activities like wrestling and lacrosse," RobotWorx president KeithWanner said. "We try to help out as much as we can with local activities and sports in the community."   The ONLC is made up of 25 ex-varsity alumni from a variety of OSU classes.

RobotWorx was recently profiled in Fortune Small Business magazine. The article, Born Again Robots, appears in the October 2007 issue. It explores the used robot market and the advantage of buying reconditioned robotic equipment.RobotWorx president Keith Wanner said he is very pleased with the article and appreciates the magazine's focus. "FSB really understands what a small business owner goes through and they gear everything to fit those needs," he said.

The Motoman MotoSight 3D doesn't get confused. It keeps working despite difficult backgrounds, varying part shapes, and random part locations. Instead of wasting effort and time on part positioning and customized equipment, invest in the MotoSight 3D. It is the ideal solution to simplify bin-picking applications. This innovative software does not use specialized lasers or sensors. Instead, it works with up to three cameras.

RobotWorx is a complete resource for Fanuc robot parts. Whether your robot needs an emergency repair, an upgrade, or preventive maintenance, RobotWorx provides the best service and a wide selection of new and used robot parts. RobotWorx strives to keep robotics costs low while maintaining high quality standards. In particular, RobotWorx' used Fanuc robot parts are cheap, highly reliable alternatives. Every robotic part is thoroughly tested and cleaned prior to shipment.

Industrial Robots Help Local Athlete Achieve GoldMARION, OHIO - RobotWorx, a Marion-based robotics integrator, is sponsoring heavy-weight wrestling champion Tommy Rowlands as he trains for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.Athletic sponsorships are a rarity in the robotics field, but for RobotWorx president Keith Wanner, the connection between robots and wrestling is simple.

MARION, OHIO - AUGUST 14, 2007 - Industrial robotics integrator, RobotWorx, celebrated 15 years in the robot business this August.   RobotWorx was founded by Keith Wanner as a one man consulting company and quickly grew to be one of America's largest robotic integrators specializing in reconditioned robots. RobotWorx emphasizes customer service, low-cost robotic solutions, and top quality workmanship.   RobotWorx has thrived in the volatile robotics market.

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