Global productivity has not had much of any growth nor any hints at a recovery since the millennium...until now.  In a paper by John Fernald called “Productivity and Potential Output before, during, and  after the Great Recession,”  it says that between 1995 and 2005 productivity averaged around 2.9 percent.  After that, productivity started it’s slow demise, “average labor productivity growth in mature economies slowed to 0.6 percent in 2014 from 0.

Industrial robots typically operate in isolated circumstances and use a teach pendant to program each robot and conduct refinements or modifications when it begins to work.   This pendant is a hand-held device, typically attached directly to the robot, which has numerous buttons and a screen to program the robot on-site. This means that the robot is required to be isolated from the production line and not do any work while this is happening.

If you are interested in automating your arc welding process yet are apprehensive because of the potential cost, set-up, and time to learn...fear no more! At RobotWorx, we provide more for less. We strive to deliver ease of mind on your purchase as we offer the lowest prices and provide supreme quality in not just the product, but also the customer service.

It can officially be said that the robotic division is booming. People are calling it a “fourth industrial revolution” where robots are effortlessly being incorporated into factories and bringing incredible precision, productivity, and flexibility. Factories are also seeing a boom in collaborative robots that are able to seamlessly work hand-in-hand with human workers to further increase flexibility and efficiency.

(Lady Gaga practicing during rehearsal- Gif from Intel) We were all very excited to watch the great Lady Gaga tribute the late David Bowie. Our excitement exponentially increased when we saw that Lady Gaga invited a choreographed ABB IRB 120 IRC5 piano to rock out with her on stage.  This wasn’t the first time Lady Gaga has used a robot, however, we love the fact she is expressing herself and creating new art forms by developing a union on stage with a dancing robotic piano.

The Robotic Industries Association recently shared a report about the new records that have been set by robot orders and shipments in North America.  “We’re encouraged by the continued strength in the North American robotics market,” said Jeff Burnsetin, president of RIA. “The interest in robotics remains strong not just in North America, but all over the world, as companies recognize that robots can help them improve productivity, product quality, and flexibility.

KUKA is literally flipping the robotic industry upside down and turning it round and round! If you haven’t already experienced it, the KUKA Coaster needs to be the seat you sit in next.

Robotic tube and automated pipe welding continue to grow in popularity. Take a quick look at the main reasons why:1. New Technologies: Welding awkwardly-shaped piping and tubing can prove very difficult, even for a robotic welder. But recent developments in robotic technologies have paved the way for sophisticated robotic pipe welding solutions.

Come one, come all, to the forefront of a dynamic and revolutionary robotic era!  On May 2 and 3rd, 2016, there will be an International Collaborative Robots Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts. This two-day event will give the most up-to-date information about the new kid on the block, collaborative robots, also known as cobots!These next-generation robots take advantage of both human and machine strength and are able to work with or alongside people to expand human capabilities.

Keith Wanner, Founder of RobotWorx, was honored with a big surprise on Tuesday! The company employees put together a beautiful pictorial wall display that depicted the incredible journey of the company’s amazing success.  Jay Byrd, Vice President of RobotWorx, said, “We wanted to honor Keith in his 23 years of business. He bravely tapped into an unknown market of used industrial robots and became a pioneer in the business. We are proud of him and his accomplishments.

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