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Come one; come all, to the IMTS at McCormick Place, Chicago. Sept. 12 - 17, 2016.  This is a trade show that you don’t want to miss!  The IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) does a fantastic job of presenting the most useful, up-to-date, technical information available. It also provides an excellent opportunity to network with experts and peers in the field and the chance to experience these technologies, first-hand.

Robotic bin picking is incredibly important as it is able to take the tedious, monotonous tasks off of workers hands.   It is able to effectively handle bulk parts sorting, dangerous operations, and/or labor-intensive order fulfillment.  Because of its complexity, random bin picking has yet to be perfected or completely grasped by automation systems. However, visionaries are pioneering their way into that uncharted territory.

KEEN, an outdoor and lifestyle footwear brand, created UNEEK footwear to not only innovate the design of the shoe but also the process by which it is made.   KEEN has collaborated with House of Design, LLC, an ABB Robotics Value Provider,  to develop a unique automation cell for the UNEEK footwear manufacturing process.

ABB has recently launched an unrivaled safety certified software that increases overall productivity for up to a 30% reduction in total investment cost! SafeMove2 provides increased  flexibility, greater space savings, numerous cutting edge commissioning tools,  and even more improved safety functions such as safe speed limits, safe standstill monitoring, safe axis ranges and position, and orientation supervision.

The "Internet of Things" is showing up in more homes everyday, creating networks of connectivity that allow our everyday devices to collect and exchange data.  It is helping to create ways to integrate our physical world into computer-based systems, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and even economic benefit. And now, the IoT is beginning to introduce its face in the Industrial Robot business... introducing the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Scott Automation & Robotics, RobotWorx' sister company, keeps on racking up the awards! They just won the PACE Zenith Award for their innovative mining solution known as ROBOFUEL! Scott Automation & Robotics is an award winning team that is dedicated to serve the customized needs of production-critical companies with world-class automation and robotic solutions.

Customer and industry pharmaceutical demands have requested that automation industries offer a product that can help reduce delivery costs and response time for order fulfillment processes, while also offering a modular system that is compact and easily integrated into current layouts, equipment, and software.Enter the RX Unit Pick Workcell.If you are looking for a way to increase the speed and intelligence of your fulfillment operation, then look no further than the RX Unit Pick Workcell.

ABB made sure to answer their customer’s requests and demands when designing the new ABB IRB 1660ID.  Late nights and intelligent minds came together to create a robot that would increase productivity, reduce cycle times, and deliver better work piece quality. According to Dr.

FANUC creates countless robots that are all thoughtfully designed to help tackle any and all types of application. Sometimes, a robot is created so perfectly that it can be diversified to be a master for two different applications.Despite the different names and jobs, both the ARC Mate 120iB and the M-16iB consistently provide high performance through features designed to increase production.  They are both six-axis, modular construction, compact, flexible, and precise.

What is a Robotic Tool Changer?A  Robot Tool Changer offers the flexibility for any automated process to automatically change tools, end-effectors, or other secondary tooling and pass various utilities. They are also known as a Quick-Change device (QC), automatic tool changer (ATC), robot tool changer, robot coupler, or robotic connector. ATI's Robotic Tool Changers Photo Source: http://www.ati-ia.

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