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Keith Wanner, Founder of RobotWorx, was honored with a big surprise on Tuesday! The company employees put together a beautiful pictorial wall display that depicted the incredible journey of the company’s amazing success.  Jay Byrd, Vice President of RobotWorx, said, “We wanted to honor Keith in his 23 years of business. He bravely tapped into an unknown market of used industrial robots and became a pioneer in the business. We are proud of him and his accomplishments.

FANUC Robotics has been building industrial robots for over 30 years. In that time, FANUC has released a variety of controllers that have continued to improve throughout the years to provide customers with more advantages and more options. Their most recent controller, the FANUC R-30iB, is the most advanced controller yet, with four different size and shape options to save space and improve productivity.Overall, the R-30iB is designed to increase productivity, according to FANUC.

Every time the PACK Expo comes around, manufacturers and integrators can be sure that the robotics industry is going to roll out their newest solutions to improve productivity across the board. The 2015 PACK Expo did not disappoint. Companies like FANUC, KUKA, ABB, Universal Robots, and Motoman unveiled some of their most exciting robots and systems to date, once again injecting the market with fresh ideas and strategies for automation.

Imagine trying to successfully navigate through an urban area for the first time – waiting at a crosswalk, finding the right streets, and trying to not get lost in the process. Now, imagine trying to do it blind. It makes a difficult situation seem almost impossible, right? Maybe not for long. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s TechBridgeWorld are trying to figure out how to make the world more accessible to the blind.

Companies are always looking to speed up their processes. In fact, that is why so many companies choose to switch to integrated automation for their production. Dispensing is one of many industrial processes manufacturers are looking to speed up. Now, ABB has given them a way to enhance the speed of dispensing applications three times faster than ever before – the ABB Integrated Dispensing Function Package.

RobotWorx, a Marion, Ohio robotics integrator of new and reconditioned robot systems and work cells, continued its tradition of contributing to the community by turning robot sales into charitable donations for the military families of fallen and seriously injured heroes. The management team wanted to organize a patriotic sales event and decided to donate $250 of every robot sold between Memorial Day and Independence Day to the Fallen Patriots Fund.

Ever since the first robot entered a factory in the 1960s, robotics has continued to move forward. This progress has not only changed the functionality of the robots but has also changed the way industrial operations are performed. In early July 2015, Keith Wanner, President of RobotWorx, addressed Scott Technology and RobotWorx’ employees about where this industrial robotic progression is moving now and in the future.

Over the last few years, the robotic market in North American has been continuing to tick upwards, often breaking records for robot sales. This has continued into 2015’s first quarter, when industrial robot orders and shipment records have broken 2014’s record.According to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), a total of 6,895 robots, valued at approximately $435.

 RobotWorx: A Company You Can Trust  Safety is a crucial element in building trust with any company.    To increase customer protection, we switched our site to HTTPs.  This is an encryption method that prevents hackers from tracking activities, stealing information, corrupting or modifying data, or intercepting transactions.  HTTPs also guarantees that you are interacting with the intended website and that it is safe to make purchases on our site.

ABB Robotics is one of the leaders in the robotics industry. Based in Sweden, ABB is an international company that produces power and automation technologies. They are now the first global company to commit to manufacturing robots in the United States. While many robotics companies have branches in the U.S., their robots are manufactured elsewhere.

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