Machining, laser cutting, and other continuous-path applications require robotic solutions capable of incredibly precise and reliable performance. When a margin for error simply doesn't exist, the high accuracy (HA) robot series from KUKA Robotics is designed to meet the challenges. Enhanced Repeatability:
 Repeatability and precision work are inextricably linked.

Simplify milling with an all-inclusive KUKA application module. The Milling 8kW comes with everything you need for top quality robotic milling results: robot, controller, tooling, mounting kit, software, and cabling. As a KUKA Official System Partner, RobotWorx has the resources and know-how to integrate the Milling 8kW to fit your needs. Contact the sales team at 740-251-4312.

Waterjet robots are a force to be reckoned with. Combining the power of water and the flexibility of automation, they offer multiple advantages.Picture source: www.wardjet.comWaterjet robots are ideally suited for cutting, drilling, material removal, and cleaning applications. They are able to cut through a multitude of materials - metals, plastics, carpet, food, etc.

Stay on the cutting edge with robotic arms.Because of their speed, efficiency, and accuracy, robotic arms are the ideal solution for cutting applications. Without using robotic arms for cutting, companies grow to expect a certain level of waste. Mistakes are normal and parts/materials lost. However, with robotic arms every cut is performed just as programmed. This results in less wasted product and less wasted energy. This robotic cutting accuracy improves product quality and reliability.

Industrial robots are changing the face of milling.Milling is a machining process that uses a spinning, multi-tooth cutter to remove material. Milling is the preferred method for prototyping and mold creation.Robotic Milling:Up to this point, milling has been accomplished with special milling and CNC machines. But milling robots offer advantages over these traditional milling methods.

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