Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their machine tooling processes, and ABB Robotics has answered their call with the FlexMT Machine Tooling System, complete with robot and controller, integrated into one large cabinet work cell. Not only is this a flexible solution, but the FlexMT from ABB significantly reduces labor costs for companies, sometimes as much as 60 percent. The Flex MT maximizes machine tooling by optimizing the amount of product it can handle.

Necessity is the mother of invention and in response to packing automation challenges, robot manufacturers have created a wide variety of packing robot solutions.Packing applications require smart, flexible, and precise robots. Packaging materials and product shapes are always changing. Packing jobs range from inspecting, case coding, and reading barcodes, to sorting, labeling, and pick and placing items. Find out about the diversity of packing robots available.

Yaskawa Motoman Robots has recently expanded its multipurpose Material Handling (MH) robot series. The newcomer, MH215, is a fast-moving and powerful solution for large product handling.Made for Top PerformanceLarge part processing is easy for this mighty robot. The MH215 is engineered with high-durability drive units in each major axis. In spite of this robot's high-speed abilities, it provides unparalleled high moment and inertia ratings. Repeatability is a stable +/- 0.2mm.

Railing-mounting, axis positions, dual arms... When it comes to engineering the right robotic solution for injection molding, manufacturers get creative. Rail-Mount Rail-mounted robots and injection molding machines are a winning combination. Robots that are attached to rails take up less room and can cover large distances very effectively and quickly.

Discover why pick and place robots provide the best answer to material handling challenges.1. Accuracy: Pick and Place Robots are outfitted with wide reaches and slim arms, steady repeatability and precise tooling - all of which allows them to be extremely accurate. This high precision capability makes them a good match for pick and place applications.2. Flexibility: One of the main advantages of robotics is flexibility. Pick and place robots are easily programmable.

Assembly is an industrial mainstay. It is also extremely tedious, dull, and repetitious work. Since nearly every product requires assembly at some level, today's assembly robots are making quite an impact.  In fact, they often allow companies to achieve better organization, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.Assembly Robots Increase Accuracy: Robots entered the scene at a critical moment when products are becoming even smaller and sophisticated.

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