One of the biggest hurdles for companies, especially those automating their painting application for the first time, is training workers to program and operate the robot. ABB Robotics has revolutionized the robotic painting programming with their Simplified Robot Programming (SRP) – programming that is cutting down on the amount of time needed trainer workers and program robots by using a teaching handle, motion tracking software and a computer.

You’ve come a long way, paint robot.If your company has a painting application, why not automate it with a robot? Painting automation a simpler, safer and superior method to any manual painting process. Plus, industrial painting robots are much more accessible than they used to be! Not only are there more models on the market, but they are more affordable than ever before.

KaBoom!It would be a shame if your brand new robot caused or was damaged by an explosion. Avoid such costly disasters and protect workers with explosion-proof KUKA robots.When you have a work environment that's explosive (i.e. has flammable gases, vapors, or combustible dusts suspended in the air), and you are working with water-based paints, sealants, or hazardous products, the typical robot isn't sufficient.In fact, it's extremely risky.

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