In manufacturing, saving money is the name of the game. That is exactly what RobotWorx is trying to do. We update our specials page weekly to give our customers the best savings and the most variety. Take our robot specials page… We update this page weekly with new robot arms, reconditioned robot arms, and other great deals included in the purchase of an industrial robot from RobotWorx.

Need to automate, but lack the funds?Robot technology can be costly. But the price of not investing in robots can be devastating! That's why RobotWorx encourages customers to explore robot leasing and other robot financing options.Financial Flexibility: Robot leasing allows companies to pay for a robot or robot system over a longer period of time. With robot leasing, companies minimize the initial investment, retain capital, and preserve their credit lines.

Go ahead. Order a robot system today. RobotWorx' No Money Down Offer makes it easy to realize your automation goals immediately!  Many companies require you to pay a certain percentage of the total cost up-front. Sometimes you have to pay 50% before the project is started and the rest once it is finished.  With RobotWorx' No Money Down Offer no payment is necessary until you are completely satisfied.

Motoman robots (or any type of robot for that matter) can be intimidating, especially when you don't quite understand how to operate them.At RobotWorx, robot training is one of the perks we offer to all of our customers. In fact, Motoman robot training is free when you purchase any Motoman robotic system. Whether you're buying a Motoman robot from the UP, SK, EA, or another series, we'll provide the right training so you can man your robot safely and confidently.

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