First-time robot buyers may see arc welding robots as intimidating and risky. One look at projected ROI stats puts a stop to the anxiety.Arc welding robots offer considerable ROI (Return on Investment) advantages. While the initial investment may seem sizeable, it dwindles in comparison to the financial benefits of incorporating arc welding robots.    Speed: Arc welding robots offer consistently quick cycle times.

Robotic tube and automated pipe welding continue to grow in popularity. Take a quick look at the main reasons why:1. New Technologies: Welding awkwardly-shaped piping and tubing can prove very difficult, even for a robotic welder. But recent developments in robotic technologies have paved the way for sophisticated robotic pipe welding solutions.

Motoman Robotics has been building robots since 1977. Over the last 35+ years, they have done everything they can to improve upon those welding robots to ensure that their customers have the best robotic welding system available. As Motoman arc welding robots have evolved, they have definitely become more spectacular.

In search of an affordable Fanuc Integrator for welding robots? RobotWorx is ready to build a customized system centered around the welding Fanuc robot of your choosing. RobotWorx offers new and used Fanuc welding robots from a number of robot series.  ArcMate's are the most popular welding robots Fanuc offers, from the 50iB to the 120iC; there are many robots to choose from that have varying reach & payload to cater to your unique welding application.

Robotic laser welding is a cost-effective and flexible application for achieving high quality weldments. The combined flexibility of the robotic arm and capabilities of laser welding technology produce very sophisticated results.In fact, laser welding offers so many advantages that some companies have switched their MIG and other welding applications over to laser welding. Fast, Precision-Driven Welding:The speed and accuracy provided by robotic laser welding solutions is unparalleled.

When you reduce the amount of space a robotic welding system takes up, you reduce the amount of energy it uses. Square footage represents dollars because floor space has to be lit, heated, and cooled. In addition, the larger the components are in a cell the more energy they are likely to consume - a larger robot takes more power to manipulate than a lithe one).

The success of robotic welding applications does not rely solely on the robot. Other workcell components have a vital role to play in contributing to and controlling the final welding results. Power sources are a prime example. Lincoln Electric has created four power sources capable of integrating with robotic systems: Power Wave i400, PowerWave 455M Robotic, PowerWave 455M/STT Robotic, and PowerWave 655 Robotic.

Automated pipe welding offers a host of advantages, from increased production speed and exceptional flexibility, to material savings and dramatically improved end product quality. Unparalleled Flexibility:Pipe welding requires finesse and flexibility. Different pipe dimensions, materials, fittings call for different welding applications, torch angles, etc. Automated pipe welding provides a reliable, flexible solution.

Introducing robotic workcells with trim waistlines.Motoman's new ArcWorld IV-6200SL "slim line" welding systems save space and time while increasing efficiency.Positioner on a Diet:These workcells achieve a compact footprint with unique trunnion positioners. The MRM2-250M3XSL and MRM2-7503XSL positioners are just one meter larger than the fixtures.The new Motoman workcell positioners are available with either 250kg or 750kg payloads. They take only seconds to spin - 1.75 sec.

Among RobotWorx' recent arrivals are Motoman EA1900N robots. Call today for first dibs on these "Expert Arc" models.  The complete EA1900N robotic welding systems include the robot arm, advanced NX100 controller, and teach pendants. Six-axis EA1900N robots are quick, reliable, and incredibly accurate welding solutions. They are designed to conserve floor space, cut cycle times, and improve weld quality.

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