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Construction Robots of the Future


Industrial robots in hard hats? Today's robots are heavily involved in the fabrication side of construction, but the time is coming when they will take a more active role.

Some of the construction robots that are available from RobotWorx include: Palletizing Robots, Packaging Robots, Dispensing Robots

Most construction jobs are repetitious, labor-intensive, and dangerous - perfectly suited for robot automation. Robots have the speed, dexterity and power necessary to transform construction. From laying brick, to handling delicate windows and insulation, they have the potential to become a valued part of future construction.

Robots are invaluable workers when it comes to palletizing and packaging building products. Some robots have even been used to build prefabricated walls. Some believe that construction robots will lead to new, innovative architecture. Robots that can vertically dispense concrete, for instance, may allow for a new style of building.

For more information on any of these robots, contact the experts at RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.