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In search of an affordable Fanuc Integrator for welding robots? RobotWorx is ready to build a customized system centered around the welding Fanuc robot of your choosing. 

RobotWorx offers new and used Fanuc welding robots from a number of robot series.  ARC Mate's are the most popular welding robots Fanuc offers, from the 50iB to the 120iC; there are many robots to choose from that have varying reach & payload to cater to your unique welding application.  These robots are designed to increase productivity, welding speed and weld quality.  Looking for welding consistency and fast throughput?  Look no further than the multitalented ARC Mate robot series.    

The ARC Mate series, Fanuc's welding robots, is a family of 6-axis robots offering a payload range of 3kg to 20kg.  Their horizontal reach capabilities extend from 700mm to 1885mm.  They provide a nimble answer to a variety of different welding needs.  ARC Mate robots are extremely versatile welding solutions.  They can be mounted from the floor, ceiling, wallr, or at an angle.  Fanuc welding robots' company footprints are easily incorporated into any floorplan or workcell arrangement.  They also bring safety to work environments- removing workers from the flash, heat & glare to operator's stations.  ARC Mates are also no limited to robotic arc welding & can also handle a variety of other tasks including deburring, material handling & assembly.  

RobotWorx has been selling robots for over 20 years and welding robots are our specialty.  Our welding engineers and robotics technicians have years of experience creating single or dual Fanuc welding robot workcells. They can configure workcells for a variety of different welding applications, including spot welding, arc welding, TIG, and MIG. Check out videos of some of RobotWorx' Fanuc welding cells.  As a Fanuc welding integrator, RobotWorx is committed to customer service, affordability, and top quality integration.  Free training and a warranty is included with every system.

Interested in working with RobotWorx, a reliable Fanuc welding robot integrator? Contact the sale team at 740-251-4312.     

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