NBC Knight Rider Robots Return Home


Robot used in knight riderThe season finale of NBC's Knight Rider aired last night, but the careers of industrial robot actors Katie, Lisa, and Hank are far from over.

In fact, they're ready for their next assignment, whether it be acting or manufacturing. Interested in purchasing one of the NBC stars? Contact RobotWorx for pricing information - 740-251-4312.

KR Robots Home Again:
The robot trio recently returned to RobotWorx' Marion, Ohio facility, after spending roughly eight months at the production studio in California. Following a cross country truck ride, the robots emerged in good condition - their acting names painted on their upper arms.

The transition back from stardom and the Knight Rider T.V set has been smooth. Katie is on display in the building's lobby while Lisa and Hank are set up in RobotWorx' Integration Bay. The NBC Special Effects team has been replaced by robot technicians and engineers. Instead of interacting with actors, Katie, Lisa, and Hank now interact with customers.

On Stage:
The "job" for NBC's Knight Rider was a rare opportunity for the three reconditioned Fanuc ARC Mate 100i RJ3 robots. Cast as intelligent shop assistants for KITT's Cave, the robots were programmed to carry out specific moves. Katie and Lisa inspected KITT, handed tools to other characters, and participated in a water gun fight. Hank was given a more challenging role and EOAT to match. 

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