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New Video Explains Components of a Robotic Welding Workcell


All around our website you can find news, videos, product listings, and other information about all different kinds of welding workcells. “Workcell Specials!” “Buy a Pre-Engineered Welding Workcell!” “Advantages of a Robotic WeldingWorkcell!” But what is a welding workcell exactly? How do all of the parts work together? What are the benefits of this type of workcell? These questions are answered in a new RobotWorx video. The new video examines each piece of a standard RobotWorx RW1050 workcell and explains its purpose.

In short, some pieces, such as light curtains and door interlocks, serve to protect workers from dangerous aspects of the welding process. Other pieces serve a strictly functional purpose, such as the welding robot itself. Some pieces, such as the turntable, serve both functions! Each piece plays a vital role in making welding workcells an important part of the future of industrial automation.

If the workcell you see in the video is not something that would fit your industrial welding application, don’t be discouraged! Any of our RobotWorx workcells are fully customizable and can be changed and tweaked to suit your welding process. You are in control when it comes to designing the perfect workcell for your facility. Our engineers and sales staff possess years of experience and have acquired copious amounts of knowledge about industrial robotics to help you plan your welding system. To start designing your industrial welding workcell, call us today at 740-251-4312, or visit our contact us page to request more information.