Press Brake Tending with Robots

Press Brake Machine TendingIncrease productivity, safety, and flexibility with robotic press brake tending.

Press brake machines and articulated robots are a study in opposites. While press brakes are large, guillotine-style machines designed for bending sheet metal and other materials, robots are slim, compact, and capable of great application flexibility. But this unusual match generates incredible results.

Robotic press brake tending solutions are inherently safer. Employees are no longer in danger of injury either from the press brake machine directly or in association with it. Feeding a press brake machine can involve repetitive movement strain and heavy lifting, but robots eliminate these hazards.

Robots are fully repeatable and safeguarded, so the press brake machine can be run constantly at top speed. This increases throughput considerably. Furthermore, a robot can tend multiple press brake machines, conveyors, and pallet stations, when it is placed on a rotating base or sliding track.

Robots are flexible both in their construction and capabilities. Their dexterity, repeatability, and speed are well-suited for material handling / machine tending jobs such as this. Robotic EOAT (typically grippers) can easily accommodate different sized parts, leading to even greater productivity.

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