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RobotWorx Celebrates 17 Years


RobotWorx celebrates 17 yearsAugust 4, 2009 - RobotWorx staff celebrated the company's 17 years in the robotics business with a party.

Started on this day in 1992, RobotWorx has quickly become an industry leader. This year was no exception. RobotWorx pushed ahead in spite of the tough economy. In fact, this 17th year has provided many new opportunities to grow sales and reach customers.


Special Deals: Providing low-cost robotic solutions is one of RobotWorx' main goals. This year the company offered a variety of specials and sales deals. A new "Robots Under 10K" website listing proved extremely popular. 

Expanded Offerings: RobotWorx increased its workcell inventory, adding a number of Fanuc track systems, large multi-robot Fanuc cells, and RobotWorx standard cells. The company also introduced hybrid workcells, a low-cost combination of new and reconditioned robotic components. 

Robot Financing: This year RobotWorx began offering robot financing options to customers. RobotWorx' robot leasing agreements make buying a robot more financially manageable.


New Name: RobotWorx' welding website changed domain names from robots4welding.com to www.welding-robots.com.

Updates: The index page to RobotWorx' main website, www.robots.com, was revamped to improve usability and appeal. A project summaries section and picture gallery were added as well.


NBC Knight Rider: RobotWorx donated three Fanuc ARC Mate 100i models to star in this 1980's T.V. show remake. The robots had stage roles as KITT mechanics.

Educational Tours: RobotWorx is heavily involved in robotics education in the local community. This year the company provided tours for a number of educational groups including the COSI Columbus Advanced Robotics Club, 4H RoboKids and participants in The National Robotics Challenge 2009.  

For more information, contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.