The ABB IRB 6640 Cleanroom Robot

Necessity is the mother of invention. As the solar panel industry grows, robot manufacturers are building creative answers.  ABB has transformed the IRB6640 into a clean room robot ready for tedious solar panel jobs. The 6-axis ABB IRB6640 robot meets the thin-film PV (photovoltaic) class cleanroom standard.

/abb.php irb 6640 cleanroom robot

The ABB IRB6640 is protected with three coats of paint - primer, white paint, and a clear top layer. Screws and panels are safeguarded with plastic and then painted.  Wiring is also protected with a cable carrier.

Solar thin film production is tedious and exact - semiconductors, electrical layers and glass must be carefully fused.  This requires clean handling in a clean environment. The size and weight of solar panels make robot automation an obvious match for this industry.

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