The Motoman SDA Two Arm Robot Series

Motoman SDA (Slim Dual Arm) robots combine human-like movement with robotic speed, dexterity, and repeatability.

sda dual arm robots

A perfect match for assembly, pick and place, machine tending, and other applications, these unique robots are designed with a central "torso" and two articulated arms. The  Motoman SDA series has three robot models with graduating payload capacities: the SDA5D, SDA10D, and SDA20D.

The Ultimate in Flexibility:
Motoman SDA robots have a total of 15 axes of movement, seven in each arm, one in the base. The two arms can be programmed to work independently or together. Put a slightly different way, SDA arm movements can be synchronized or completely distinct.

Take Advantage of SDA Teamwork:
With a two arm robot, the need for costly positioners and tooling is minimized. One arm can act as the positioner, holding the part in place, while the other arm performs the rest of the application (i.e. welding, assembly).

Double the Distance, Payload:
SDA robots provide more payload and work envelope options. When both arms work together, their payload capacity compounds. The SDA20D, for instance, has a 20kg payload per arm, for a combined 40kg payload. In the same manner, the two arms of SDA robots can work together to offer exceptional horizontal reach from side to side of the torso.

Stay in Control, Stay Safe:
Motoman two arm robots work with DX100 controllers. Plus, all cabling is routed inside the arms and torso, increasing safety and making for easier programming.

For more information about two arm robot solutions from Motoman, call RobotWorx at 740-251-4312.

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