A Complete Reconditioned Robot System


Some may think that purchasing a reconditioned robot means you sacrifice quality. RobotWorx has over 25 years of experience reconditioning robots and understands the proper processes required to accurately and completely restore new life and integrity to a pre-owned robot. Reconditioned robot systems offer the best value for your dollar.  Every reconditioned robot purchased from us comes with the RobotWorx Value Package, as well as the following items:

A Reconditioned Robot Arm

Robot arms come in a variety of sizes, capabilities, and brands. The arm is the most recognized part of any robotic system. It positions the end effector and perform the actions that are programmed by the teach pendant. It consists of joints, with each joint representing a degree of freedom. Industrial robot arms typically have 4-6 joints, or axes. We offer robots from the following robot manufacturers: FANUCMotoman and ABB.

The Robot Controller 

The robot controller does exactly what the name implies. It controls the robot arm and other aspects of the system. It runs a set of instructions from a program that is inputted from the teach pendant or another device. Each robot manufacturer uses a different controller and some controllers are model-specific for the robot used.

A Teach Pendant

The teach pendant is a handheld device that allows a robot programmer to input instructions into the robot controller. This sets up a program that instructs the robot how, when, and at what speed to move. Most teach pendants usually feature a color display, keypad, and an emergency stop switch. Many use an interface similar to Microsoft Windows. Teach Pendants vary depending on robot manufacturer and robot series.

Safety Package

Safety packages include items such as light curtains and hard guarding. Light curtains are optical sensors that stop the robot immediately if they detect a safety line has been crossed. Hard guarding includes fences and other physical barriers that deny access to potentially harmful areas.


New or used robots can not manipulate parts without peripherals. Tools such as end effectors, welding torches, and positioners allow robots to perform programmed tasks with ease. End effectors connect to the robot arm and function as a hand to move, manipulate, and position the part. Welding torches interface with welding power supplies and the robot controller to deliver the correct voltage and perfectly weld a part. Positioners allow robot arms to reach more surfaces of a large part and communicate with the robot controller through a PLC to move accurately.

Training and Support

A complete reconditioned robot system needs programming and operator training for the maximum ROI. All RobotWorx turnkey packages feature training with a robot technician to guarantee a smooth transition to automation, whereas most companies charge up to the thousands per day of training!  Our support staff is qualified to answer your questions after the robot has been integrated in your factory.  RobotWorx' robots used or new are sold with a warranty.

Looking for a complete used robot system?  Fill out a Contact Form, or call our sales team at 1-740-251-4312.

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