Explosion-Proof KUKA Robots



It would be a shame if your brand new robot caused or was damaged by an explosion. Avoid such costly disasters and protect workers with explosion-proof KUKA robots.

When you have a work environment that's explosive (i.e. has flammable gases, vapors, or combustible dusts suspended in the air), and you are working with water-based paints, sealants, or hazardous products, the typical robot isn't sufficient.

In fact, it's extremely risky. KUKA has a robot that can work in these contexts without causing an explosion.

These robot models are carefully constructed to work in explosive atmospheres. Built with special motors and cables, KUKA's explosion-proof robots are pressurized and sealed. They are ATEX-compliant and useful for Group IIB, Category 3G and Temperature Class T3 settings.

Explosion-Proof KUKA Models (indicated by EX)
KR16 C-EX (ceiling mount)
KR16 W-EX (wall mount)
KR30 L16-3 EX (long arm)
KR30 L16-3 C-EX (long arm, ceiling mount)

Considering an explosion-proof KUKA? Contact RobotWorx at 877-762-6881 or online, for more information.

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