Fanuc Welding Robot Integrator: RobotWorx

When you are searching for the perfect automated arc welding solution that relies on excellent repeatability and accuracy, look no further than FANUC's ARC Mate series robots. Better than a human hand, industrial robots are ideal for manufacturing lines that depend on consistent, quality products. 

FANUC welding robot integrator

RobotWorx offers a wide range of new and used FANUC welding robots with the ARC Mate series being the most popular. From the ARC Mate 0iA to the ARC Mate 120iC, FANUC made sure to create enough robots in this series to cater to all types and sizes of manufacturing needs. These robots are extremely versatile welding solutions, designed to increase productivity, accuracy, welding speed, and weld quality. 

FANUC has packed a long reach into a tiny footprint; offering a horizontal reach capability from 700mm to 1885mm. The FANUC ARC Mate series can are strong enough to carry a wide variety of tools, such as heavy torches and welding utilities, bringing a payload range of 3kg to 20kg.  They can also easily be incorporated into any floorplan or workcell arrangement as they can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, wall, or at an angle. Furthermore, these robots also bring safety to work environments- removing workers from the flash, heat, and glare to operator's stations.  

Also, FANUC's arc welding robots have a slim arm and hollow wrist; this helps them access slim spaces and minimize the wear and tear of the cables during production. These welding robots are so versatile they can tackle a variety of industrial arc welding applications such as laser welding, soldering, and cutting. They can also be used for submerged arc welding, tandem, and multiple welding processes on one robot. Other peripheral equipment can also be added. 

Each ARC Mate robot has a variety of tools available to further increase their versatility and make your process more efficient, such as iRVision and TorchMate. iRVision is FANUC's vision system that provides robots with the ability to identify part types, locate objects, weld seams and positions, and also provide post-weld checks or inspections. This is a plug-and-play technology that can enhance productivity. 

To help maximize system uptime, TorchMate can adjust the Tool Center Point (TCP) helping to eliminate time-consuming path re-teaching caused by torch or wire deviations after collisions. 

Take a look at the video below to watch a FANUC ARC Mate 100iB RJ3iB in action at our RobotWorx facility.

These FANUC ARC Mate robots can be integrated into almost any weld package, allowing for very quick installations and plug-and-play detection of welding power sources. This makes set-up very easy, simply select and weld. 

RobotWorx 25 years+ of experience has made us specialists in the welding automation industry. Our welding engineers and robotics technicians can create single or dual FANUC welding robot workcells. They can configure workcells for a variety of different welding applications, including spot welding, arc welding, TIG, and MIG. Check out videos of some of RobotWorx' FANUC welding cells.  As a Fanuc welding integrator, RobotWorx is committed to customer service, affordability, and top quality integration.  The RobotWorx Value Package is included with every system.

If you are in search of an affordable FANUC Integrator for welding robots, look no further than the experts at RobotWorx!  RobotWorx experts are ready to build a customized system using the FANUC welding robot of your choice.  Contact the sales team at 740-251-4312.     

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