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At RobotWorx, we continue to add new informative and entertaining videos to the website. The videos are designed to give web visitors a better understanding of RobotWorx' history, vision, facilities, and capabilities. Take a look at the many different customized automation systems that we have integrated for hundreds of happy customers.

About  Us:

Our vision is to be the global leader in delivering new and used robotic systems.

It all started in 1992 when RobotWorx was created in a garage. Keith Wanner, the founder, understood that competition across the globe was pushing companies to increase their productivity.  So, RobotWorx was born in order to offer high quality robotic systems to customers at a low cost in order to make the buying process simple and enjoyable, and utilize proven and trustworthy technology. We now have over 35 employees, 1,200 satisfied customers, and install over 150 robotic systems a year.  We offer a wide range of applications such as weldingpalletizingpick and placedispensing, and part transfer.  

Robotic system integration is sweeping through the nations at an alarming rate. Here at RobotWorx, we have your automation needs covered. Your Return on Investment is so important to us; our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best solution. We are able to do this by providing a variety of manufacturers for our hundreds of in stock robots to best meet your needs. We offer new and reconditioned FANUC, Motoman, ABB, and KUKA robotic systems. Every robot undergoes a comprehensive reconditioning and inspection report, insuring the utmost quality standards. We also want you to be satisfied, so we offer the same warranty on all of our reconditioned and new robots and free training at our facility.

A  Day on the Shop Floor at RobotWorx

Take a minute to view the daily happenings at our Marion, Ohio facility. You can watch our team of experts put in the time and dedication in order to provide the best robotic integration experience for you.

How To Justify the Cost of a Robotic System

Diving in to automation can seem scary and intimidating. However, once you experience the countless benefits with adding a robotic system, you will never look back.  Automating your company can bring about improved production speeds, superior product quality, and overall better efficiency. You will also be able to cut labor costs as robots don’t require any downtime, salary, or benefits.  Their accuracy levels and minimal errors will help to reduce material waste and costs, and ultimately increase your ROI.

Applications Videos

The following video playlists demonstrate the ability to integrate customized systems for a variety of applications using the leading manufacturers of FANUCMotomanABB, and KUKA.

WeldingJump in to see tons of our welding videos and watch specific examples of customized projects that we specially designed for customers. You can see state of the art welding systems in action. 

Here is one example of a seamless RobotWorx welding integration that put a FANUC ARC Mate 100iC/7L R30iA in a customized RW1050 workcell.   The ARC Mate 100iC/7L is very agile machine, especially with the smooth torch cable routing and also has easy maintenance.  The workcell adds depth to this system as it is able to speed up production using a 180 degree indexing table to enable dual station operations.  What a pair! 

DrillingWatch and see some amazing drilling projects we have done in order to satisfy our customer’s exact needs!

For instance, here you can see we customized an EOAT for a FANUC R-2000iA/125L  RJ3iB to enable better performance for specific milling and drilling applications.

PalletizingHere you can view some incredible palletizing automation projects designed by RobotWorx experts. 

Check out the video below to observe how the FANUC R-2000iA/125L robot handles egg carton palletizing with grace, flexibility, and ease.  The R2000iA/125L has extended reach capabilities so it is the perfect machine for numerous material handling applications that deal with longer distances between parts and/or machines. 

Holiday VideosRobotWorx Robots have the ability to work hard and play during all holidays! Take a look at how our robots celebrate annual celebrations from Halloween to St. Patty’s Day!            

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