How RobotWorx Integrates


Integration is RobotWorx' primary focus. It is the process of outfitting robots for specific jobs. To integrate, RobotWorx technicians interface a robot with other elements to create a new, complete unit. We work with each customer to make sure their robot is integrated to fit their unique part, work setting, and application requirements.

Choose custom robot integration to save time, money, and hassle. Every robot has to be integrated to some extent before it can be put to work. RobotWorx' seamless systems offer the advantages of reliability and affordability. Robots can be integrated to perform material handling, welding, plasma cutting, and numerous other applications.

When RobotWorx integrates a robot, the finished product typically includes:

EOAT - RobotWorx figures out the appropriate tooling attachments. Sometimes we create custom tooling to fit customer criteria.

Wiring - The entire system must be wired to work in harmony.

Controllers/Relays - The brains of the robot must be configured properly.

Robot Programming - Every robot is programmed to fit a specific application.

Safety - Integrated robots are often equipped with safety features. Each peripheral must be coordinated with the robot and other systems to effectively safeguard.

With a wide array of robot models, parts, and the technical know-how to build custom solutions, RobotWorx is prepared for the toughest integration challenge. Call us today at 740-251-4312 or contact representatives online.

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