Industrial Robot Integration - A Partnership


Robot integration is the work of programming, orienting, enclosing, and protecting an industrial robot so it can perform a specific job on a specific part.

Custom robot integration requires skill, know-how, problem-solving. It also takes partnership between the customer and the robot integrator.

The Customer
That's why RobotWorx takes each customer's requests very seriously. To integrate a robot system successfully, we must work closely with each company. It is the customer that knows the product, the application, the floorplan, the budget.

The Robot Integrator
At the same time, the robot engineers and technicians at RobotWorx know robots. They've faced a lot of integration challenges and worked with an array of applications and a long line of robot models.

How it Works
Working together, we arrive at the best robot integration solution. RobotWorx builds a system that fits individual customer needs. We place robots, arrange tooling, add peripherals and safety devices, and program the entire system - all the time working directly with the customer's part and parameters.

Systems don't leave our shop until the customers approve them. We invite customers to come and train on their systems free of charge. We often work directly with the customer's part.

What's the result?
RobotWorx' integrated robot systems are user-friendly and arrive at your facility ready for production. Each system is fine-tuned and comes with the RobotWorx Value Package.

Interested in what customized robot integration can do for you? Contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 or online for more information.

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