Integrate a Robot in Five Steps


In the robotics industry the words "integrate" and "integration" are thrown around quite a bit. And rightly so; integration refers to every aspect of building a robot system - from the early planning stages through to installation.

So how exactly does a company integrate a robot? Take a closer look at RobotWorx' approach to custom integration:

1. Brainstorming:

Every integration process begins with discussion. RobotWorx engineers and sales staff talk directly with the customer to learn about the specific goals and requirements for the robot system. Basic aspects of a customer's application, reach, and payload needs are outlined.

2. Proposal:

Next, RobotWorx draws up a unique integration solution catered to that specific customer. Robot models, peripherals, workcell configurations are proposed in a formal manner. More discussion follows as the customer and RobotWorx team fine-tune the integration proposal to suit financial, technical, safety, and environmental needs.

3. Feasibility:

Once the basic details of the application and proposed robot system are in place, a customer may choose to conduct a feasibility study. RobotWorx' technicians work directly with parts from the customer and some of the key integration pieces (i.e. robot model, tooling) to determine that the integration solution indeed meets with the customer's specifications.

At this stage, the customer is encouraged to visit the RobotWorx facility to inspect the finished parts and process. Alternatively, these communications can be handled over the phone and via e-mail.

4. Building:

With the details of the system determined, and the integration solution tested and approved by the customer, the nuts and bolts of integrating a robotic system begin.

RobotWorx technicians and engineers build the system and integrate all the elements to "talk" to each other. Workcell structures are constructed, and parts positioners and safety features integrated to work in concert with the robot. Technicians test, wire, program, and re-test every component to make sure everything is communicating correctly and functioning as it should.

5. Installation:

During the final integration stages, the customer is encouraged to visit RobotWorx' facility for training and system approval. The finished robotic system is run through its paces and customers learn about important maintenance needs and safety features.

The integration process doesn't stop here. Following system shipment, the customer may choose to have RobotWorx install the system. The robotic workcell may be a stand-alone unit, or it may be required to interact with other machines, parts conveyors, or technologies in the customer's facility. RobotWorx makes sure all systems work seamlessly.

Interested in a custom integration solution? Contact the experts at RobotWorx at 877-762-6881 or online.

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