Marysville Robotics Team Competes at FIRST Regionals


Marysville USFIRST Robotics Club, one of the robot teams RobotWorxsupports, got to run their robot through its paces at the Buckeye Regional FIRST Robotics Competition.

More than 1,400 high school students participated in the event, held April 7-9 at the Cleveland State University Wolstein Center. RobotWorx caught up with robotics team member Isaac Luther, to find out more about the team's time at FIRST Regionals: 

RobotWorx: Did the team enjoy the competition experience? 
Luther: Yes! We all had a lot of fun, and none of it would have happened without sponsors like Robotworx. We were really excited to go to the competition, and we would love next year to maybe have some Robotworx associates come up and see first hand how cool the competition is. 

RobotWorx: In spite of your rookie status, the team did really well at the competition! Tell us about it.
Luther: We were one of the highest rookie seed teams, third out of eight. We were a backup team in the finals in case of any robots breaking. And at the end of the competition we placed 22nd out of 56 teams, we are all very very proud of that.

RobotWorx: What kinds of things did you learn from the other teams?
Luther: We saw quite a few neat ways to do things and the networking of other teams there was just phenomenal. We got the chance to talk to teams from Canada, Maryland, New York, and all across Ohio. We all got to see how teams setup the challenge and some new cool ideas for a chassis. I spoke to some other teams specifically about practicing before robot ship date. The team was also really interested in not only practice but how teams setup their pit area at the competition. With being a rookie team we all had no idea what to expect.

RobotWorx: Are you inspired for next year's competition?
Luther: We have thought of some cool new ideas for next year and made some decisions about how to do things based off talking to other teams. For example, we decided next year for a fundraiser to host a mini "battle-bot" competition. We plan to use some sort of RC car platform or even the VEX platform.

Read more about the Marysville USFIRST Robotics Team; contact the experts at RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.

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