Reconditioning Robots in Advance Cuts Lead Time


Ever hear the expression, “time is money”? It definitely rings true for industrial robots. The sooner a company can install and begin using a robotic system, the sooner it will begin to see a clear return on investment.

At RobotWorx, we are dedicated to serving our customers through speedy order fulfillment. Our goal is to streamline the path from robot order placement to robot system installation as much as possible. One of the things our reconditioning team has been focusing on recently is maintaining a large inventory of integration-ready robots. By reconditioning robots before they are sold, RobotWorx is able to fill robot orders in a timely manner.

Equipped with a full stock of reconditioned robots, RobotWorx’ integration and engineering teams can start on the work of designing and building a robotic system. Each of RobotWorx’ used robots are completely reworked, cleaned, tested, and repainted as part of the comprehensive reconditioning and inspection process. They provide significant cost advantages, priced at 40-50% less than new models.

All robots purchased through RobotWorx include the RobotWorx Value Package. To find out more about RobotWorx’ selection of reconditioned robots, contact the sales department at 740-251-4312 or online.

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