Robots Done Right with RobotWorx Experts


Choosing the right robotic integrator is crucial to the success of your production line. RobotWorx experts are ready to offer you a seamless integration and ensure that it is done right the first time.  We have over 25 years of experience working with experts in the industry. These relationships have provided us with the knowledge and guidance to help our customers get a perfect robotic integration experience through our affordable prices, excellent customer service, expert training, and superior refurbishment services.

Affordable Robot Prices Done Right

We focus on quality automation solutions at more affordable prices. Additionally, RobotWorx is a trusted company and a certified integrator for FANUCKUKAABB, and Motoman. Our capabilities, reputation, and authenticity are further verified by the 25 plus years of high-quality, customized integration options and refurbishment services we have provided to every one of our customers. RobotWorx is able to provide a larger inventory than most integrators, with the best robot brands in the industry.

Customer Service and Robot Integration Done Right

RobotWorx' robot integration is done right through our excellent customer service, support, and training. We cherish our customers and the lasting relationships we create during and after working with them.  The experts at RobotWorx provide telephone support on all robot systems, even after the warranty period. This enables companies to receive professional advice when a problem occurs and request repair service when necessary.

Robot Training Done Right

Our experts make sure integration of robotic systems is done right through the training we provide to all of our customers. The training RobotWorx provides at the facility in Ohio ensures that every customer understands every aspect of their system. We make sure the integration is complete, all robots and workcells are performing correct specifications, and that our customers are satisfied with their automation solution. Our experienced service department is one of the top reasons companies choose to install our systems.

Furthermore, every new and reconditioned system includes a RobotWorx Value Package.

Robot Reconditioning Services Done Right

We are not a broker that buys a used robot and then uses a 3rd party reconditioning service; everything we do is done right in house.  Our experts have over 25 years of reconditioning experience, putting each refurbished robot through a very comprehensive reconditioning and inspection process that restores robots to original operating condition. In short, we disassemble, inspect, and test each component very thoroughly. The mechanical and control components are cleaned and replaced when necessary and then the robot is reassembled, repainted, and tested to ensure accurate and reliable performance. 

Contact RobotWorx

If you are interested in having an industrial robot integrated into your production process, look no further than the experts at RobotWorx. We truly take pride in our robots and look forward to installing a system for you today; contact representatives online or at 740-251-4312.

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